Skincare and Makeup Routine After Rhinoplasty

/Skincare and Makeup Routine After Rhinoplasty

Skincare and Makeup Routine After Rhinoplasty

So, it’s a go! You have decided that the rhinoplasty definition means that you can improve your nose dramatically. How long will it take before you can get back to your regular skincare and makeup routine after rhinoplasty?

Nose Healing Schedule Varies

The first point to reiterate is that all individuals and nose jobs are different. Recovery times will depend on your own personal characteristics. Rhinoplasty in Miami will involve bandages, splints and maybe even a cast on your nose. You will return to our clinic within a few days and we will check your progress. You should expect minor bruising and swelling initially. One of the wisest tips is to have a makeover done before the nose job. That way your hair, skin and face will be in great shape. For the first couple of days during nose job recovery, you should sleep with your head up to permit proper blood and mucus drainage.

Expect Minor Bruising & Swelling after Rhinoplasty Surgery

Prepare some ice packs for your nose. Another trick is to place spoons in your freezer. You can use these for your tongue, mouth or nose, if there is any discomfort. Due to the rhinoplasty definition, your nose will have seen some tissue or cartilage removed or added. Naturally, the treated areas might be a bit swollen and red. Your nose surgeon might advise you to avoid regular skincare or makeup for the first two weeks. We will schedule frequent clinic visits during this time to help with drainage and swelling.

The Rhinoplasty Two Week Threshold

Why is the nose surgery recovery two week threshold so important? At that time, our rhinoplasty surgery doctors might remove the final stitches under your nose. These are used to seal the wound, keep any moisture out and keep everything in place. After these 14 days, the swelling should be down dramatically. Your nose should be partially healed. Now, you can start to see the final look for your rhinoplasty in Miami. You also might be nearing the end of your need for pain medication. Once again, these are general guidelines; you might heal faster or slower. It also depends on your nose job procedure characteristics. Give us a call. We can discuss any other questions, you have about recovery time. Perhaps, you want to know about pain medication. Our rhinoplasty surgery staff will take good care of you. Schedule a consultation to get started.

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