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Nose Surgery Miami

Before nose surgery - Dr. Carlos L. Wolf
After nose surgery - Dr. Carlos L. Wolf
Before nose surgery - Dr. Carlos L. Wolf
After nose surgery - Dr. Carlos L. Wolf

Nose surgery is not always a choice – sometimes it is a necessity. For a broken nose, surgery is very often essential. A nose job can be undertaken for aesthetic reasons or to correct problems that are congenital or the result of an injury or trauma.

What Is Nose Surgery?

Nose surgery or rhinoplasty can be either a cosmetic procedure or a necessary one to correct impaired breathing (which could be caused by a structural defect or a trauma).

The cosmetic nose job enhances the face by improving the symmetry and proportions of the nose.

Rhinoplasty can:

  • Change the size of the nose (proportion) in relation to facial balance
  • Change the width at the bridge
  • or the size and position of the nostrils
  • Achieve nasal symmetry
  • Enhance your nose profile by straightening out any bumps or depressions on the bridge
  • Improve an enlarged, droopy, upturned, hooked or bulbous nasal tip
  • Fix large, wide or upturned nostrils.

Repairing A Deviated Septum

Nose surgery can be done to improve an obstructed airway caused by a deviated septum. This occurs when your nasal septum — the thin wall that separates the nasal passages — is displaced to one side. This condition can be present at birth (congenital) or can be the result of an injury or even repetitive sinus infections. A severely deviated septum can cause the person a lot of discomforts such as:

  • a dry mouth (a result of being forced to breathe through the mouth),
  • nasal congestion, and
  • disturbed sleep.

Incidentally, it also causes discomfort for sleeping partners as a deviated septum often results in noisy breathing while sleeping.

Nose surgery of this sort requires an intensive evaluation of the nasal structure as it relates to airflow and breathing. The surgery is done by adjusting the nasal structure to produce better alignment – with excellent results.

Broken Nose Surgery

A broken nose (nasal fracture) doesn’t always require surgery. Very often, it can simply be splinted and will heal well. Sometimes, however, the break is of such a nature that surgery is done straight away, in other cases, the break heals badly and the nose must be reset.

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About Dr. Wolf and Why Dr. Wolf

Dr. Carlos Wolf was born in Columbia and educated in Florida, USA. He is one of Florida’s most highly sought-after surgeons and former patients have only glowing reports of him:

“His work is impeccable and he is very careful with his patients.”

“Not only is Dr. Wolf a great surgeon, he is also a great human being.”

Frequently asked questions on nose surgery:

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common surgeries carried out in the USA. As with any surgery, there is some risk. Every person reacts somewhat differently and it is important that the patient and surgeon work together to ensure a great result and overall good health.

In some cases, rhinoplasty can result in bleeding, infection, adverse reaction to anesthesia, bruising, numbness, nosebleeds, scarring, burst blood vessels, swelling, and nerve damage. On very rare occasions, surgeons have under- or over-corrected and revision surgery is needed.

A good surgeon will talk you through these risks and put your mind at ease after considering your individual needs and health.

Other than the boost of confidence you will feel when your gorgeous new nose is revealed, you can expect some pain and discomfort. This should be quite manageable. If it is not manageable, you should consult with your surgeon.

See possible side effects (above).

Rhinoplasty can cost anywhere between $3,000 and $15,000. The price depends on many factors from both the patient and the surgeon. One would need to consult with a surgeon or at least call the preferred practice to get an estimate.

If the surgeon does not have his own surgical facilities, the cost of the hospital would be excluded from the surgeon’s bill, for example. Other variables include the surgeon’s reputation, expertise, and geographical location as well as the complexity of the surgery.

After about ten or fourteen days, the bruising and swelling should subside. You will only have the splint on for about one week and with some clever use of makeup, you will look presentable within another few days.

It is important to keep still during the recovery time and try to keep the head elevated. To be on the safe side, it is advisable to take it easy (avoid strenuous activity) for at least a month after the operation.

As we have indicated before, everybody is different. One can expect a dull ache after this surgery, but for some people, the pain is more intense. Most patients use prescription pain relief for the first couple of days and then switch to over-the-counter painkillers thereafter.

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