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Out of Town?
Book a Virtual Consultation for Rhinoplasty in Miami with Dr. Carlos Wolf

A large number of patients travel from all over the world to have surgery with Dr. Wolf every year. Because of this, Dr. Wolf and his team provide virtual consultations and an efficient procedure timeline allowing patients to be away from home for as short as just 1-2 week’s time. Due to his expertise and more than 30 years of experience performing the rhinoplasty procedure, Dr. Wolf’s surgeries have a predictable process allowing a patient to fully plan their travel in advance.

To begin your virtual consultation process:

  1. Download the application form and fill it out thoroughly.
    New Patient Form: English and Spanish
  2. Have 3 photos taken for your file, front view and profile views from both the right and left side of your face. *Be sure to show your full face and make sure the area of concern is easily seen.
  3. Once finished, forward the completed forms and photos to info@miamiplasticsurgery.com. At which point, Dr. Wolf will review the file, determine if you are an eligible candidate for rhinoplasty (nose surgery) and the office will be able to schedule your virtual (Skype/FaceTime) consultation.
  4. Following your virtual consultation with Dr. Wolf, you will work with his patient coordinator to schedule your procedure. Dr. Wolf’s patient coordinator will give you all of the details surrounding your surgery date, pre-op, and post-op procedures and will provide you with all of the necessary forms to fill out prior to surgery.
  5. Your post-op appointments will be scheduled along with your surgery for you to be able to thoroughly plan your travels for your surgery.


out of town rhinoplasty in miami with Dr. Carlos Wolf - Rhinoplasty before and after image


out of town rhinoplasty in miami with Dr. Carlos Wolf - Rhinoplasty before and after image

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