What you need Before Your Nose Plastic Surgery

/What you need Before Your Nose Plastic Surgery

What you need Before Your Nose Plastic Surgery

Sometimes, careful preparation can make all the difference in accomplishing any endeavor, like healing. Since 1887, American doctors have been doing nose plastic surgery. Here are the tips from over a century on what to stock up on at home before your nose plastic surgery.

Reduce Swelling after Nose Plastic Surgery

Before your nose plastic surgery in Miami, you might want to visit the beauty salon for a pedicure, manicure, beauty facial and hair styling. This will boost your spirits and look great with your new nose. You will need to be more careful with your nose, lips and mouth area after the rhinoplasty surgery. They will be tender, reddish and swelling. You might have stitches and a cast on your nose. Minimize unnecessary contact with your tender nose. Instead of the normal hard lip balm, you might want to get a coconut oil spray bottle. Apply lightly. Fill your freezer with spoons, peas, towels and ice cubes. Frozen peas can applied to the outside and frozen spoons can be used inside your mouth.

Pain Medication

Our top rhinoplasty surgeons will give you pain medication prescriptions. You might want to add another bottle of over-the-counter pain medication. Remember, some doctors warn against mixing aspirin and ibuprofen because they counteract each other’s effects. After nose plastic surgery Miami, you might not be keen on chewing certain foods. Stock up on pudding, soup and plenty of beverages. What do you like to do to relax? Get your favorite magazines, movies or music together. Our former clients suggest watching a movie you have already seen, so you can nap, if tired.

Elevate Head While Resting

And, this bring us to sleep. You might want to purchase a U-Shaped Travel Pillow. This allows you to elevate your head while sleeping. Of course, you don’t want to roll over onto your nose in the middle of the night. After a couple of days, swelling will start to go down. After about two weeks, you can begin to see the difference between rhinoplasty before and after images. Remember that the faster you heal, the better the results will be. We have the top rhinoplasty surgeons in Miami. Our staff will help you be as comfortable as possible. We will schedule frequent post-surgery check-ups to guide your healing. It takes a little time, but eventually you will have a beautiful new nose. Call us to schedule a consultation for rhinoplasty in Miami FL.

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