Consultation Prep With a Miami Rhinoplasty Specialist

/Consultation Prep With a Miami Rhinoplasty Specialist

Consultation Prep With a Miami Rhinoplasty Specialist

Cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery is an important decision, which could change your life. That is why we make sure to cover all bases during our consultation. Learn how to prepare for your consultation with a Miami rhinoplasty specialist.

Rhinoplasty Specialist Qualifications & Expertise

Just like any doctor, your rhinoplasty surgeon is likely to have his medical diploma and board certification prominently displayed on his wall. Each school might have its own special techniques. You might also ask how many rhinoplasty surgeries, our Miami nose surgeon performs each year. Some of the cosmetic surgeons calculate that 4 out of 5 of their procedures are nose jobs. Therefore, you should be able to expect a great deal of proficiency, expert and mastery from these rhinoplasty Miami clinics. Also, do they offer any revision surgery for correcting nose jobs? It pays to check, just in case.

Your Particular Nose Shape

When you arrive in our rhinoplasty surgery office, you should request rhinoplasty before and after photographs. We might even have computer images for your perusal. You should look for people who look like you. What does the cosmetic surgeon know about your nose shape? Has he or she worked on that nose shape before? Ask them what they have to say about it and what they will do to correct it. Beauty aesthetic is something that you also might try to glean. Each culture has a different concept of beauty. Will your rhinoplasty specialist try to fit you into a standard beauty aesthetic or create an individualized, customized, personalized look? Which do you prefer?

Feeling Comfortable

One of the primary goals in your initial rhinoplasty consultation is to feel comfortable with our surgeons and the procedure. Ask any question that you want. Feel free to ask for customer testimonials also. If you are having any breathing issues, you might need to get a septoplasty. We can use computer imaging to create an idea of realistic goals for your nose plastic surgery. We hope to ensure our doctors and patients are on the same page. You can also ask about recovery times for rhinoplasty in Miami. Look around our nose plastic surgery clinic and see how you feel about the surroundings. Just call and schedule a consultation. Our rhinoplasty specialist hopes to put your mind at ease.

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