Sports and Activities: Rhinoplasty For Athletes

/Sports and Activities: Rhinoplasty For Athletes

Sports and Activities: Rhinoplasty For Athletes

A cosmetic procedure like rhinoplasty Miami surgery is relatively easy to perform by an experienced physician. Though the details regarding prep and recovery phases are straightforward, people with certain lifestyles should be aware that other precautions will need to be understood. In particular, athletes should know that the benefits of nose surgery are accompanied by greater restrictions post-op.

Why Some Athletes Want Rhinoplasty Miami Surgery

When an athlete reaches a pinnacle in training, every metabolic system in their body is primed. This means that the body becomes more efficient at using oxygen to help power muscles and the pulmonary system. Some athletes will reach a point when they discover that further progress in training is being hindered because of breathing problems. Most often, this includes a reduced ability to inhale large amounts of air through the nasal passages because of a deviated septum. A rhinoplasty specialist can help determine if septum deviation is present.

Athletes like skiers, hikers, boxers, and high altitude extreme sports enthusiasts also choose surgery to increase their natural capacities to breath. Again, this can be achieved through a calculated realignment of certain tissues in the nasal cavity.

How is Rhinoplasty Miami Recovery Different for Athletes?

Typical nose surgery patients only need to worry about general healing times. Their concerns are mostly centered on pain management, and minimizing bumping risks. The difference for athletes rests on the oxygen factor.

When an athlete performs ballistic and energetic movements, blood volume is maximized. Blood pumps faster and harder throughout the body. This causes an increased risk of bleeding and tissue damage in areas that have been altered by surgery. Athletes are also more prone to exposure in extreme elements. Long periods exercising in the sun, or in super cold conditions, is terrible for rhinoplasty Miami surgery recovery.

Also, athletes like boxers, MMA fighters, wrestlers, and power lifters place their cranial regions in situations where blunt force trauma can occur. Imagine getting punched in the face by an opponent before a rhinoplasty operation is completely healed. It would be devastating and counterproductive.

Rhinoplasty Miami Doctors Recommend Longer Healing Times for Athletes

For most people, a period of three months is enough to consider a nose alteration healed. Of course, this should be determined by a specialist. Athletes should know that three to four months is the minimum amount of time before they can return to their normal level of exercise intensity. This means any aggressive movements like heavy lifting, cross-training, sparring, climbing, and swimming.

For someone whose life and well-being are dependent on pushing physicality to the limit, this can be a tremendously stressful ordeal. When activity intensity is held back for such a long time, certain athletic gains are lost. The results of nose surgery are undeniably positive, but the healing process can be a struggle.

If you are an athlete who is considering getting nose surgery from a rhinoplasty Miami specialist, you should weigh the requirements for post-op inactivity against the procedure’s potential benefits. An experienced surgeon will guide you through understanding all that is involved in this type of elective cosmetic operation. There is however, a great chance that your athletic abilities and limits could expand after the healing is complete.

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