How to Prevent Infections – Rhinoplasty Surgery

/How to Prevent Infections – Rhinoplasty Surgery

How to Prevent Infections – Rhinoplasty Surgery

Whenever your body undergoes any type of surgery, your skin will be broken. This could lead to an infection. How to Prevent Infections – Rhinoplasty Surgery in Miami, FL.

Cleaning Wounds after Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty surgery involves incisions made into your skin to allow for the surgeon to create the perfect nose. Unfortunately, whenever the skin is broken, there is an increased chance of infection. The cells under your skin are very sensitive and not used to being in direct contact with bacteria and germs. Your body’s immune system will be weakened after nose plastic surgery. There might be some bleeding, swelling and bruising where your incisions were made. The plastic surgeon will use sutures to stitch your skin back together. While your skin heals, it is important that you take good care of it to prevent infections. If you experience fever with pain, redness or discharge, this could be a sign of infection. You should contact your physician immediately.

Regular Checkups after Rhinoplasty Surgery

We will schedule regular checkups to see how your body is healing. We will search for any infections during these checkups. It is important for you to maintain a clean environment in which to recover. Expect to have a little down-time for rhinoplasty recovery. You should purchase some cleansing wipes, bandages and rubbing alcohol, ahead-of-time. You might want to dedicate a special reclining chair for you to sleep in during recovery. Before surgery, have your house cleaned, wash the dishes and have your garbage removed. Clean your sheets, so when you return, you will have clean sheets to sleep in. Sanitize the rhinoplasty recovery area.

Intensive Care after Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty Surgery before and after pictures can show a dramatic change in your appearance, but recovery takes time. You need to keep your skin well-moisturized. Instead of using the most common oils and lotions, you should use those without any special colors, scents or additives. These pure skin care products are less likely to lead to infections. You can also use cotton swabs to clean your wounds. Don’t rub the stitches, dab them delicately. Cover yourself when going outdoors – avoid rain and sun. Doctors also suggest that you not smoke tobacco products four weeks before and four weeks after the nose plastic surgery. Our top rhinoplasty surgeons in Miami will check the area of your nose plastic surgery during your checkups. You can prevent infections by carefully keeping the area clean, sterilized and moisturized.

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