Activities you should avoid after a rhinoplasty procedure

/Activities you should avoid after a rhinoplasty procedure

Activities you should avoid after a rhinoplasty procedure

What activities you should avoid after a rhinoplasty procedure. Rhinoplasty procedure is surgery and there are some activities you may want to, and need to, avoid. There are many excellent rhinoplasty surgeons who perform rhinoplasty procedures in Miami: rhinoplasty Miami.

5 Things to Avoid After Your Miami Rhinoplasty Procedure

  1. Don’t blow your nose.

Rhinoplasty procedure recovery, requires time. It is a surgical procedure. It is also an economic investment. Don’t just blow all that effort away. Be very careful about blowing or manipulating your nose in any way.

  1. Don’t Shower. Take a bath instead.

I’m not advising you to slack up on your hygiene. You can take a nice, relaxing bath. The problem with showers is getting your bandages wet. Again, remember how good you’ll look once you’ve healed.

  1. Don’t wear clothes you have to pull over your head.

You don’t want to move or manipulate your new nose. It’s delicate. Just pulling that garment over that nose can move it enough to cause pain and maybe even change the positioning of your bandages or stints. Though you may be very appreciative of your doctor, you may not want to have to go visit him again before your regularly scheduled follow-up. So, be careful.

  1. Avoid Rigorous Exercise after your Rhinoplasty Procedure

Exercise often involves fast, rigorous movement. This can cause accidents. You are recovering from a surgical procedure is the first reason for caution. Second, strong movement will cause you to sweat. You need to keep your nose and the bandaging dry. So, try to keep your movements gentle. For the same reasons, sexual activity should be avoided for a while. Remember how good you’ll look once the recovery time is over and keep persevering.

  1. Don’t party if it involves the use of drugs and/or alcohol.

Wait until you have completely healed before you hit the clubs or go out carousing or whatever you do that might involve the use of drugs and/or alcohol. Both of these substances can have adverse reactions with the drugs that you may have been prescribed by your doctor. Also, drugs and alcohol may affect your judgement and make it hard to adhere to the other 4 concepts above.

In conclusion, even though a rhinoplasty procedure is not considered major surgery, it is still surgery. Be careful.

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