Are More Men Choosing Rhinoplasty in Miami?

/Are More Men Choosing Rhinoplasty in Miami?

Are More Men Choosing Rhinoplasty in Miami?

Could you have ever imagined that there would be a culture that types messages out every few minutes in something called Tweets? But, that is where we are nowadays. This immediacy has encouraged men to be more concerned about their appearance. Are more men choosing rhinoplasty in Miami?

Social Media

People are more self-conscious nowadays. Centuries ago, it would take all day to render your image on a painted masterpiece. You were so tired that you probably didn’t even smile. Nowadays, Social Media and cell phone cameras can share your image in an instant. You might not have worried about that little bump on your nose, but your Facebook friend in Tibet brought it up constantly. She even gave that bump a nickname. Being self-conscious about small irregularities in your nose goes along with the territory of the Digital Age. You also know that a rhinoplasty procedure can cure those little issues. People are worried about their public image due to Social Media. Some think that with a little rhinoplasty surgery, they can improve their number of friends online. Perhaps, nose plastic surgery could help their YouTube channel. More people have the capacity to be celebrities today.

Snapchat Videos

Society is more in-your-face today. There are security cameras aimed at everyone, 24/7/365. People on Twitter can tap out a new Tweet every few minutes. This has created a more immediate gratification culture that has encouraged more men to get plastic surgery – rising 50% over the past 15 years. A recent American Society of Plastic Surgeons survey stated that 13% of all plastic surgery procedures were done on men. A rhinoplasty procedure can ensure that people will want to do SnapChat videos with you. You are more likely to take a “selfie” and share it after rhinoplasty surgery.

Men Choosing Rhinoplasty – Competitive Beauty 

There is a “Domino Effect” with respect to nose plastic surgery. When other men do it, it raises the bar on standards for men being handsome. Older men will now have fewer wrinkles. If there is competition for a promotion, the man who had the rhinoplasty procedure might have a distinct advantage. There do seem to be more men choosing rhinoplasty today. Nose plastic surgery can make men look young, vigorous and energetic. They are better able to compete with others when they are looking their best. Rhinoplasty surgery can keep men in the game.

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