Rhinoplasty Recovery Tips for Beating the Post-surgery Slump

/Rhinoplasty Recovery Tips for Beating the Post-surgery Slump

Rhinoplasty Recovery Tips for Beating the Post-surgery Slump

“Do you hate waiting before you can open up your Christmas presents?” Will you feel the same when you are waiting to have your post-surgery nose revealed? Carefully, prepare before your rhinoplasty surgery and read about rhinoplasty recovery time.

Rhinoplasty Recovery: Treat it Like Christmas

Prepare ahead-of-time. When you have the splint, gauze and\or cast on your nose, it will be sensitive, bruised and swollen. Some women will shape and tint their eyebrows “before” their rhinoplasty surgery. This makes them feel beautiful even with the splint, gauze and swelling. There is some bruising and swelling, which cannot be hidden with makeup. Take some time off from work. Prepare like you would for Christmas. You can turn the 7 day removal of the splint into a gift box unveiling ceremony. Make it a grand presentation to reveal the “New You.” Of course, it will take time to get the final product. So, you might want to plan for incremental improvements. Buy some candy, chocolate or ice cream to help you cope.

Rhinoplasty RecoveryRead a Romance Novel

Your Miami rhinoplasty specialist may suggest that you should not get your splint, gauze or cast wet. Therefore, you might not be able to shower or wash your hair. Wash, moisturize and condition your hair “before” the nose procedure, so you can handle 7 days without hair washing. You could wear braids. Buy face cleansing pads – your face might become very oily. This is a common complaint that rhinoplasty specialists hear. Use lip balm to prevent chafing, cracking and drying. You might have some gauze on your upper lip, which will require you to breathe through your mouth. Your mouth might become very dry. Read a romance novel as a distraction until it’s time for your big reveal.

Rhinoplasty Recovery: Prepare to Look Amazing

“Keep your head elevated.” You don’t want to turn, while sleeping, and crush your nose. Some will purchase a neck pillow to keep their head up after rhinoplasty. This neck pillow is also ideal for when you are watching your favorite movies. Ice packs will help with bruising, swelling and healing. Put a spoon in the refrigerator to ease the pain – you can use it on your lips and mouth. Girls love straws. So, buy some straws. You can’t rest a cup on your nose, during the nose surgery recovery. Don’t touch your nose. You can’t wear glasses also. Pineapple juice might also help with bruising. Your rhinoplasty specialist will explain “what you can and cannot do” after surgery. Rhinoplasty Miami delivers great results, just give it some time.

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