How Much Time Should You Take Off Work for Your Rhinoplasty Surgery?

/How Much Time Should You Take Off Work for Your Rhinoplasty Surgery?

How Much Time Should You Take Off Work for Your Rhinoplasty Surgery?

You understand that there is some recovery needed after you have a nose job. How much time should you take off from work for your rhinoplasty surgery? What are the expectations of rhinoplasty surgery before and after?

Before Nose Job

You might want a nose surgery procedure performed for aesthetics or health reasons. The successful rhinoplasty surgery before and after pictures can be life-transforming, opening up doors of opportunity. Before you complete the nose plastic surgery, you need to make a few arrangements: 1. Transport, 2. Rest and 3. Work. First, experts suggest that you have a family member drive you “to and from the appointment.” During the nose surgery Miami procedure, you might be sedated with various drugs and these could impair your ability to operate a motorized vehicle. Secondly, after the nose plastic surgery, you should give yourself plenty of time to rest. Typically, you will have an external nose splint with some fluid discharge gauze and tape. Inside, you will have sutures. You might want to bring a scarf or hat to hide yourself from the “paparazzi,” if you are shy – right after the procedure has been completed.

Afterwards: Rhinoplasty Surgery Recovery Time

Thirdly, you must decide what you want to do about work. Of course, you know your body better than anyone else. The primary concerns during the first week of recovery are swelling and bandage cleansing. If you work from home, you might not need to take any time off. If you need to drive to work, then you should take some time off. You might not want to be seen at the office, wearing the nose splint. People might naturally ask – “Are you OK?” Instead of being productive, you might be spending all of your time answering personal questions. Therefore, medical experts suggest that you might want to take some time off from work. You also will be on pain medication. Therefore, it might be wise for you to rest at home until you can be at your best.

Impeccable Beauty

“When do you return to work?” The splint will be removed after a week or so, but there might be a little swelling and some reddish incisions. Some of the top rhinoplasty surgeons in Miami might suggest that you take off 10 to 14 days from work (for 90% of patients.) You won’t have your final look. This gives you plenty of time to reduce the swelling, pain and feel normal again. The top rhinoplasty surgery surgeons in Miami can help you enjoy a great new look.

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