5 Popular Nose Surgery Procedures in Miami

/5 Popular Nose Surgery Procedures in Miami

5 Popular Nose Surgery Procedures in Miami

Do you have an issue with your nose? What can a nose job fix and what can’t be fixed? What are 5 popular nose surgery (rhinoplasty) procedures in Miami?

  1. Functional

There are approximately 400,000 nose jobs performed each year, making it one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. The reasons for having nose surgery in Miami vary dramatically. They might be functional, aesthetic or simply personal. You might simply not like the way your nose looks. If you had a birth defect (i.e. deviated septum), then functional rhinoplasty is a possibility. This can help you store its functions, so you can breathe better.

  1. Reconstructive

After an accident, disease or illness, your nose might become deformed. Cancer might require the removal of a portion of your nose. You might have had your nose broken during a sporting event. The athletic trainer might have tried to set it, but it did not set right. We can use a reconstructive nose procedure to restore its appearance, function and form.

  1. Contouring

Some nose shapes simply don’t go well with certain facial features. Saddle nose, crooked nose, dorsal hump, tension tip or under-projected tip are some of the unpopular nose features that can be corrected. We can provide you with a cosmetic, aesthetic or contouring nasal procedure that better fits your face. Your facial features might change over time. Nose procedures can provide you with better overall proportions in your face.

  1. Reduction

You might have a large nose or bulbous tip. We can handle broad tips or flared nostrils also. We can use reduction nose jobs to remove any embarrassing characteristics. We can shave down annoying features and help you enjoy a more becoming nose that does not attract unnecessary attention.

  1. Revision

Even within the cosmetic surgery industry, there are variations on styles and techniques. If you don’t like what a previous surgeon did, you can have revision nose surgery completed. We aim to give you the most natural-looking nose possible. Male rhinoplasty could help you deal with a new stage in your life. You might want to have your features made more squarish, determined and authoritative.

Nose Surgery Procedures in Miami

We can handle a variety of popular nose surgery procedures in Miami. You can view our nose before and after pictures. Our certified plastic surgeon is very well-respected in the field. Call us today, if you want to schedule a consultation.

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