Your Pre-rhinoplasty Checklist

/Your Pre-rhinoplasty Checklist

Your Pre-rhinoplasty Checklist

Your appearance says a lot about what you believe, hope and care about. When you have scheduled your Miami rhinoplasty surgery, you have a good reason to be excited. What should you include in your Pre-Rhinoplasty Checklist?

  1. Nose Surgery Recovery Supplies

So, you have looked at the nose surgery before and after photos and identified the look, you want to mirror. Life is all about trying to find the best appearance to bring out your beauty. About a month before the nose plastic surgery, you might want to pick up some valuable supplies. Those who have had the procedure done before suggest that you purchase a variety of types of ice – ice cubes and frozen peas. You might want to purchase some cotton swabs, moisturizing lip balm, skin lotion and oil without additives. There are a number of products, such as Vaseline Intensive Care that leave out the additives to reduce the chances for infection. Purchasing a cheap scarf might be good too. This can be used with sunscreen to protect your sensitive skin after the procedure. Review your pre-operative instructions, explaining what you can eat or drink the day of the surgery. You might want to have a makeover done a couple of days before the procedure – your skin might be tender after the nose surgery.

  1. Day of Rhinoplasty Surgery

What time is the surgery? How long does it take to get to the clinic? How long is the procedure? Plan all of these things ahead-of-time. Then, on the day of the surgery, you will be ready for anything. Bring your scarf to wear after the rhinoplasty surgery. Relax and you will heal faster. Review your post-operative medication instructions.

  1. First Day After Rhinoplasty Miami Procedure

It is wise to have someone drive you home after the procedure. You should take some time off from work. You should avoid exercise until your doctor says that you can resume strenuous activities. Our primary focus is on providing you with natural-looking rhinoplasty. No one needs to know about your rhinoplasty. You can see what is possible when you review the nose surgery before and after pictures of those with similar features. Follow your pre-rhinoplasty checklist, relax and have fun thinking about your new nose. If you have any questions, feel free to ask our board-certified plastic surgeon. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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