5 Myths About Rhinoplasty Surgery – Busted

/5 Myths About Rhinoplasty Surgery – Busted

5 Myths About Rhinoplasty Surgery – Busted

Several decades ago, nose jobs were popularized in movies and television where wealthy people walked around with bandages covering much of their faces. These comical takes on rhinoplasty recovery were misconstrued by many viewers as being unnecessary parts of a rich lifestyle. Currently, rhinoplasty surgery is a commonplace for people of nearly any background and medical condition. Explore the five myths associated with rhinoplasty so that you have a greater understanding of these helpful procedures.

Sounding Different

One of the biggest myths surrounding nose jobs is the sound factor. It’s presumed that a changed nose equates to sounding completely different when you speak. This sound difference is only a concern when you’re in recovery. Swelling is common after any surgery so you will sound a bit muffled. After recovery, however, you’ll have a normal voice once again.

Chronic Pain Afterward

These surgeries have come a long way since the beginning stages of the art. Rhinoplasty surgeons cut and craft your nose with various strategies during the procedure. During recovery, you’ll have plenty of pain medication to cover any discomfort that you might feel. Chronic pain is a definite myth, and you’ll quickly move past the painkiller period to enjoy your new look.

Scarring is Commonplace

Because rhinoplasty procedures occur right on your face, it’s understandable that scarring is a concern. Today’s surgical standards are higher than ever with complex stitches hidden under the skin. In fact, you won’t see a traditional cut into the skin because folds of tissue cover the area as if nothing ever occurred. Scarring is minimized by using the lines of the face and unique incisions in specific locations.

Any Nose Shape is Possible

The purpose of a rhinoplasty isn’t to add just any nose onto your face. Each surgery is customized to the person’s facial shape and bone structure. Your doctor will go over the surgical details with visual aids that demonstrate the final product. With several choices possible for each patient, an appropriate surgery is narrowed down to the unique individual.

Hospital Stays Required

Although rhinoplasty surgery is complex, it’s not always a requirement to stay in the hospital. Currently, outpatient services are commonplace as you head in for a morning or afternoon appointment. Your doctor goes over all of the facts regarding pre-op and post-op so that you’re well aware of any time at the surgical center.

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