Common Myths About Nose-jobs

/Common Myths About Nose-jobs

Common Myths About Nose-jobs

Nose jobs (rhinoplasty) have been completed for a long time and certain urban legends have arisen. Here are some of the most common myths about nose-jobs – Learn the truth about rhinoplasty in Miami.

She got a Nose Job

It used to be that only wealthy celebrities got nose jobs. They might have wanted to fit in with the Hollywood mystique. Nowadays, more people are undergoing rhinoplasty surgery. This includes men. Men love to play sports and a continually broken nose might not set right. A male nose job can make it look better. Another myth is that all nose jobs are for beauty. Some people are born with a deviated septum or have had their noses broken in car accidents. Rhinoplasty surgery can fix plenty of problems.

I Want That Nose

You might have seen a fashion combination and said to yourself – “that simply does not work.” The same is true for nose jobs. In Utopia, a client might look through rhinoplasty before and after pictures and point out which nose she wants. Sometimes, this is possible and sometimes it is not. Certain noses do not fit with certain faces. That is why we have rhinoplasty consultations. Ask us any questions during your rhinoplasty consultation. We can discuss what is possible and what is not. We will measure your face and show you rhinoplasty before and after pictures. You can judge if the nose jobs are natural looking. Our rhinoplasty surgeons will make recommendations based on our expertise.

Common myths about nose-jobs

How many times have you wondered if someone underwent plastic surgery? If you are asking, then you don’t know, right? Bad plastic surgery is obvious. Good plastic surgery is natural looking. Our goal is to provide you with natural looking beauty improvements. Successful rhinoplasty for Miami residents can be anonymous. No one needs to know. You should find an experienced rhinoplasty specialist, who can recommend the perfect nose for your facial features (eyes, cheeks and mouth). Nose jobs have many exciting phases after rhinoplasty recovery. The “Reveal” is the exciting moment when you see your brand new nose. We have the experienced rhinoplasty surgeons, who can ensure you get the best results. Although a nose job is complicated, one of our board certified rhinoplasty surgeons can give you a natural looking nose that could change your life. We hope we busted the most common myths about nose-jobs for you!

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