Silicone VS Gore Tex for Rhinoplasty

/Silicone VS Gore Tex for Rhinoplasty

Silicone VS Gore Tex for Rhinoplasty

You can choose from a variety of materials for your nose job (rhinoplasty) – Silicone or Gore Tex. Silicone VS Gore Tex for rhinoplasty – which is the best? Which material is better for which circumstances?

Silicone Advantages

Manufacturers of silicone implants can modify the properties of the product based on the number of molecules used. Silicone is an older technology, so some rhinoplasty specialists might feel more comfortable using it. A silicone nose implant might feel like a super ball; it is firm to the touch. After the procedure, your body will form a layer of tissue around the silicone implant. Silicone does not shrink, its shape remains the same over time. Silicone rhinoplasty surgery might be better for procedures on your nasal tip. A silicone nasal tip is more likely to maintain its shape long-term.

Gore Tex Advantages

Gore Tex is a newer technology. Some patients want a cutting-edge rhinoplasty surgery using the most advanced materials. Gore Tex has a spongy consistency, so your nose might feel softer. Some rhinoplasty surgeons prefer Gore Tex implants because it might have a little tissue ingrowth, which might stabilize the implant. Unfortunately, Gore Tex might have shrinkage issues. This could lead to a loss of volume. It can be particularly noticed at the nasal tip. As a result, some rhinoplasty surgeons don’t like to use Gore Tex for nasal tip contouring.

Silicone VS Gore Tex for Rhinoplasty

Given a choice, a rhinoplasty specialist might prefer to use the patient’s own cartilage, but sometimes this is not possible. Silicone and Gore Tex are both safe and effective in allowing you to improve your nasal shape. Discuss your concerns with our rhinoplasty specialist. We want you to enjoy a successful rhinoplasty in Miami that you are completely satisfied with. Silicone and Gore Tex can be reshaped to the nose contours that patients want. It all depends on the type of rhinoplasty in Miami that you want to undergo. If you want to reshape your nasal tip, then silicone might be preferable because it does not shrink. If you are reshaping the primary part of your nose (i.e. the dorsum), then Gore Tex might be acceptable. You could always go with the silicone coated Gore Tex hybrid too. Contact us to schedule your rhinoplasty surgery consultation. We can discuss which material, you want to use; Silicone VS Gore Tex for rhinoplasty  – Enjoy a better life with a brand new nose.

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