Rhinoplasty Recovery Miami Guide

/Rhinoplasty Recovery Miami Guide

Rhinoplasty Recovery Miami Guide

A nose job (rhinoplasty) can change your entire life for the better. You might not feel so self-conscious when you go out in public. Here is your week-to-week guide on what to expect during rhinoplasty recovery in Miami.

Rhinoplasty Recovery First Week

Every patient will have their own characteristics in terms of healing power, procedure details and genetics. This is a rather general timeline for what the average rhinoplasty surgery patient should expect. You will usually have a splint, cast, bandage or sutures on your nose. After the surgery, you will experience some mild bruising and swelling. It is advisable for you to use ice, frozen spoons and prescription pain medication to handle these issues. We will usually schedule a post-operative checkup in the middle of the first week. We will remove temporary sutures and check your swelling. Hopefully, the bruising and swelling go down by the end of the first week. You can return to work, the second week.

Rhinoplasty Recovery Second Week

Many of our customers are excited for the “Rhinoplasty Reveal” that takes place during the second week. The splint comes off during this time period. This is when the bruising is down and you can get the first real idea as to how your beautiful new nose will look. Just imagine all of the clothes, you can wear with this beautiful nose. Some patients suggest that you have a makeover before the rhinoplasty surgery. Why? Your face may be a bit tender and you might not be able to apply normal makeup until this second week, so why not prepare ahead-of-time?

Rhinoplasty Recovery Third Week

There might still be some swelling during this third phase of your recovery from rhinoplasty in Miami. Your rhinoplasty specialist can help you with different ways to deal with swelling in the nasal tip. You might want to purchase soft lip balm and moisturizers. Some cotton swabs (Q-tips) might be a good way for you to apply these ointments. Generally, your new nose should be fully healed after about a year. Now, you can look like how you feel: Beautiful. Get ready for a new life. We will hold your hand through the entire process. Our board certified plastic surgeons will give you prescription medicine to help you with rhinoplasty recovery. Talk to our rhinoplasty specialist and get the answers, you need. When you plan ahead, you can have the best results from rhinoplasty in Miami.

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