What Is the Difference Between Male and Female Rhinoplasty?

/What Is the Difference Between Male and Female Rhinoplasty?

What Is the Difference Between Male and Female Rhinoplasty?

A nose might seem like a benign part of the anatomy that doesn’t have any real, gender differences. However, a rhinoplasty specialist knows better. There’s actually a huge difference between male and female noses. If you’re considering surgery, these nose features become important aspects to consider. Take a look at the details that make a nose either feminine or masculine.

Skin Differences

Skin isn’t created equal when it comes to men and women. Males actually have thick skin on their noses. In contrast, women have almost delicate skin across the bridge and tip.

During rhinoplasty surgery, the doctors must take the skin’s thickness into consideration. With the nose altered into the proper position, this skin must be stretched across the area. Men can end up with a draped appearance on their noses if skilled hands don’t manipulate the skin into a tight and natural-looking shape.

Length-and Width Concerns

Women’s noses are noticeably shorter than men’s noses. Men also have a wider nose at the midsection. The reasoning behind large noses on men is a masculine trait. A big nose means that the man is more dominant than another person might be with a small nose.

Men also have a bridge that’s located higher on the face than women. A man looks more masculine with this facial feature.

Angling the Nose

Male nose tips are relatively straight. In fact, the nose’s angle might be between 90 and 95 degrees. This shape is considered a manly trait.

When you look at a female’s nose, the tip might have a 10-degree rotation so that it appears perky. An indentation or supratip break is also a feminine feature that’s typically located above the tip. Surgeons can add the smallest details to the nose for any gender preferences.

Ethnicity Considerations

Your rhinoplasty doctor will also take your ethnicity into consideration. Every ethnic group has their own traits that define their appearance through the generations. A rhinoplasty doesn’t have to dissolve those traits. Doctors can fix any issues surrounding the nose while maintaining the person’s original appearance.

Your doctor takes precise measurements of your facial features. Discussing what must be done and preserving certain features is part of the consultation process. No surprises will occur on surgery day.

Rhinoplasty Miami Surgeon Dr. Carlos Wolf

For more information, contact us today. Rhinoplasty Miami can create a new look for your facial features with just one consultation. Explore your options with our expert team. A more feminine or masculine nose can be yours when you partner with our skilled doctor.

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