Reasons Why Patients Have More Than One Rhinoplasty Procedure

/Reasons Why Patients Have More Than One Rhinoplasty Procedure

Reasons Why Patients Have More Than One Rhinoplasty Procedure

Cosmetic surgery has continued to advance with new technology, techniques and procedures. Shouldn’t one nose job be enough for your entire lifetime? Discover reasons why patients have more than one rhinoplasty Miami procedure.

Your Nose Ages

A drooping nose tip is a common problem associated with aging. It is not merely your nose that is sagging, but your entire face. You can look at rhinoplasty Miami before and after pictures of yourself to see the changes. Some will combine rhinoplasty with a face lift to deal with the sagging, drooping and wrinkles that result from age. Sometimes, childhood injuries might worsen over time and become unbearable when you get older. Your nose is the most prominent feature on your face, so that is why it gains so much attention.

Weight Loss

It is great when you lose weight, but your body might reduce fat at different rates. Therefore, one part of your body might have a little more fat than you want. A nose job can help you properly proportion your facial features. You can see the difference in rhinoplasty Miami before and after photographs.

Nose Surgery Revision

There are many reasons why a patient will want nose plastic surgery revision. Immediately after the procedure, your nose will be tender. If it is jarred, the tender cartilage could be misshapen. That is why you should be very careful during nose surgery recovery – sleep with your head up and avoid strenuous activities. There might be complications associated with the first surgery. These side effects might include bumps, depressions or excessive scar tissue. Some people develop breathing problems and use a nose procedure to open up their air passages. You might have an injury or accident after nose plastic surgery. With rhinoplasty Miami revision surgery, you can regain your beautiful nose. Another possibility is that you simply don’t like the results of the first procedure. Some surgeons are less-skilled than others. With revision nose plastic surgery, you can get just what you want. That is why it is important to carefully review all rhinoplasty before and after pictures. You should get an idea of the cosmetic surgeon’s style. Look for facial features that match your own.

Rhinoplasty Miami Consultation with Dr. Carlos Wolf

We believe in providing you with the most natural-looking nose possible. It should be in proper proportion to the rest of your face. Contact us to schedule a consultation. Perfect your nose with Rhinoplasty Miami cosmetic surgery.

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