How Noses Change as We Age

/How Noses Change as We Age

How Noses Change as We Age

Our entire body changes gradually as we age. Sometimes, we can’t even see it. How noses change as we age. Contact Rhinoplasty Miami Top Surgeon Dr. Carlos Wolf for a free consultation. 

Thinner Nose

Aging hits everyone in different ways. Gradually, that beautiful tender baby skin starts to lose its soft, supple feel. This is partially due to the loss of collagen. Collagen is the substance in your skin that makes it soft, supple and elastic. When you are young, your skin expands and contracts without any ill effects. When you get older, the skin gets stuck in place. It is a bit like your pillow. Eventually, an old pillow does not fluff up any more. For noses, you will tend to have a thinner layer of skin on your nose. Your nose does not have its same shape.

Drooping Nose

Another key issue that impacts some older noses is drooping. As people age, their nose might start to droop more. This is also due to a loss in the vitality of the skin on your nose. You might also notice an irregular bridge or unsightly bump on your nose. Has it always been there? Probably. It is like when a pond is drained and you find all of those old tires and cans at the bottom. These have always been there, but were simply hidden. That is one key problem with aging, it reveals some of your more unsightly facial characteristics. Your supple skin was useful in hiding them previously. Of course trauma, accidents and external damage might make it worse. You might have had a childhood injury and when you get older, it rears its ugly head.

More Pronounced Irregularities

No one’s body is perfectly symmetrical. Your right ear might be larger than your left ear. But, when you have asymmetry on your face, it might look odd. People will try to gauge your facial expressions and irregular features can be confusing. We can improve these minor nasal issues with rhinoplasty procedure. Minor rhinoplasty Miami surgery can help remove bumpy bridges or drooping nasal tips. We can make both sides of your nose look similar. We can accomplish a lot with nose plastic surgery.

Rhinoplasty Miami Consultation

Rhinoplasty Miami surgery can improve a drooping nose, bump on your nose or irregular nose. Sometimes, your nose simply is not symmetrical. For more information, contact us. We can help you improve any negative nose issues that have arisen due to aging.

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