Types of Nose Injuries That Can Be Fixed Through Surgery

/Types of Nose Injuries That Can Be Fixed Through Surgery

Types of Nose Injuries That Can Be Fixed Through Surgery

Is your nose crooked, broken or irregular? Has your nose been broken, injured or damaged? Here are types of nose injuries that can be fixed through surgery. For a rhinoplasty consultation, contact Dr. Carlos Wolf at Miami Plastic Surgery.

Broken Nose

Children can very active with all sort of sports. Sometimes, it might simply be rough play and one of them ends up with a broken nose. In the field of medicine, this is referred to as a nasal fracture. Rhinoplasty in Miami can fix broken noses. You might have heard of a broken nose being set badly. A nose job specialist can make sure that it is set properly. We can fix many irregularities before they become problems. We have professionals in rhinoplasty surgery who can hide the ill effects of most trauma. Parents might not think of it initially, but rhinoplasty could hide some of these nose irregularities of youth. When your children become adults, they can depend on their appearance to get the most out of life.

Bumps or Humps

Another common injury issue is the bump or hump. These bumps might make you feel self-conscious. These might even get in the way of eyeglasses. During rhinoplasty-surgery, we can shave down the bump so that you have a smooth nasal ridge. You will feel more comfortable about yourself. Sometimes, people with beaten up noses are deemed as a bit rough. People will wonder why you don’t care about your appearance. They might even make up stories about how you were injured. It might be a car accident that damages your nose. Once, you recover you can have our rhinoplasty specialist fix any residual effects.

Rhinoplasty Corrects Crookedness

Your nose might be crooked, irregular or angled. Instead of focusing on your eyes, people might stare at your misshapen nose. Rhinoplasty in Miami can fix crookedness, flares or drooping nasal tips. Our nose specialist has a great deal of latitude in fixing injuries. You can see amazing results in rhinoplasty before and after photographs. We can also explain what is possible and what is not possible with modern rhinoplasty. Nose injuries can occur due to a number of reasons. Parents can use nose surgery in Miami to fix nose injuries of their children. A good appearance gives your offspring advantages as adults. You can contact us for any of your questions concerning nose job surgery. We will provide you with the best answers, so you can make the most informed decision.

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