Septoplasty and Insurance Coverage

/Septoplasty and Insurance Coverage

Septoplasty and Insurance Coverage

Are some forms of the functional plastic surgery covered by insurance? Discover the facts about rhinoplasty, septoplasty and insurance coverage in Miami. Learn about the difference between functional and aesthetic cosmetic surgery.

Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgery

There are actually many reasons for having rhinoplasty surgery. Some are for beauty purposes only. What is aesthetic rhinoplasty in Miami? Aesthetic means appearances. It refers to your beauty – how you look, the appearance of your face, skin and nose. Some people have no problems with their eyes, but wear glasses because they think they make them look smarter. That is a primarily aesthetic reason for an action. It is done to create a superficial look. Insurance coverage tends to focus on health care and not appearances. Therefore, most insurance will pay for things that benefit your functional health, but not aesthetic rhinoplasty in Miami.

Functional Cosmetic Surgery

What is functional rhinoplasty surgery? Function refers to improving how your body works. Rhinoplasty means nose surgery. So, if there is a procedure that improves the function of your nose – breathing – then it might qualify as functional cosmetic surgery. The good news is that some insurance will cover functional cosmetic surgery, such as septoplasty. Septoplasty straightens out and repairs a deviated septum. Someone might have born with or had an accident that damaged his or her nasal septum. All it takes is one septum side angled at a degree greater than 50% and you might have problems breathing. You might make whistling sounds as you breathe. Or, when you sleep, you might wake up frequently. Of course, poor sleep could lead to insomnia, fatigue, depression and a host of other problems. That is where rhinoplasty surgery can help. A rhinoplasty specialist can repair your deviated septum. You can breathe more easily and sleep better. Your breathing function is improved.

Septoplasty and Insurance Coverage

Septoplasty and insurance coverage – functional cosmetic surgery might be covered. Your health insurance is focused on functional improvements in your life. Of course, breathing is a very important function. Some people stop breathing for short amounts of time, while sleeping. This can be hazardous to their health. A Miami rhinoplasty specialist can help you improve your breathing. If you have any functional problems with your nose, then insurance coverage is possible. You can schedule a consultation with a rhinoplasty specialist to discuss your options.

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