Preparing Mentally For Your Rhinoplasty Procedure

/Preparing Mentally For Your Rhinoplasty Procedure

Preparing Mentally For Your Rhinoplasty Procedure

Were you born with a big nose and always felt like the Ugly Duckling? Do you feel like rhinoplasty surgery could transform your entire life? Here is how you can get mentally and emotionally prepared for your rhinoplasty procedure in Miami.

Swollen and Bruised after your Rhinoplasty Procedure

“She got a nose job” is becoming a common refrain for brand new Hollywood actresses. Why is this nose surgery becoming so popular? The camera doesn’t lie and if you have a protruding nose, it might not look great on any media. Rhinoplasty surgery could change your life. It could give you control over your beauty. Mentally and emotionally, you must think long-term. Have some fun with the rhinoplasty procedure. This is a great time for a beauty makeover before the surgery. During the first week of rhinoplasty surgery recovery, your face might be swollen and bruised. You might not be able to apply makeup. Call your sister to watch the kids, have your husband hit NetFlix for some movies. Watch your favorite movies during rhinoplasty surgery recovery.

Rhinoplasty Procedure Reveal

Patients get excited about the “Rhinoplasty Reveal.” It is kind of like giving birth – you are giving birth to the new you. You can take pictures or videos of your facial expression during the unveiling, if you want. This could be a permanent record of your emotional response. If you want a private session, that is fine too. Our rhinoplasty surgeons will remove the splints, casts and bandages to reveal your new nose, at this time.

Great New Nose with a Rhinoplasty Procedure

A key challenge is that your bruising and swelling will go down gradually. Of course, this depends on your personal traits. Some people are very fast healers. Many want to see their new nose, the next day. That is not possible. Therefore, you must prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for the long haul. After two weeks, you will start to see what your final nose will look like. The rhinoplasty surgery recovery could last a year. By then, you will be fully healed and looking incredible! We understand that you want to reach the stage of euphoria when you finally have your new nose. Our rhinoplasty surgeons are professionals. We have done many of these procedures and know what to expect. Be patient, prepare ahead of time and follow our instructions and you can gain the advantages of having a beautiful new nose.

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