Are There Medical Risks to Nose Surgery in Miami

/Are There Medical Risks to Nose Surgery in Miami

Are There Medical Risks to Nose Surgery in Miami

Nose plastic surgery (rhinoplasty) is a serious undertaking, so you must carefully consider any attendant medical risks. We will discuss the primary known medical risks associated with nose surgery in Miami. Then, armed with that valuable information, you can determine if it is right for you.

Nose Surgery General Anesthesia

First of all, you will be given the choice of general or local anesthesia. Your nose surgery in Miami will usually be completed on an outpatient basis. Sometimes, a one-night stay at a surgery center or hospital is required. There is always a very small medical risk of allergic reactions to anesthesia. During the procedure, you could have holes punctured into your nasal septum; this is the cartilage between your two nostrils. There also could be serious nasal blockages and you could have difficulty breathing with surgeries gone wrong. Of course, our top rhinoplasty surgeons will be very careful to avoid any of these problems.

Nose Surgery Bleeding & Swelling

Every nose surgery will involve some bruising, swelling and bleeding. These are the natural defenses of your body. They assist with healing. Of course, if you have hemophilia or are taking blood thinners, you might not be a good candidate for nose plastic surgery. We want you to be as careful as possible. There is also a potential for infection. Of course, our top Miami rhinoplasty surgeons can prescribe anti-biotics. The rooms where the nose procedure is done will be clean and sanitized.

Nose Surgery Skin Problems

You could also run into skin problems after your rhinoplasty. This might be as simple as skin discoloration. Your body might not react very well to the nose beautification procedure. The most serious medical risk with your skin could be necrosis. This is the breakdown and death of the skin tissue. Rhinoplasty before and after can deliver impressive results. Each patient is different and has different chances of suffering from any of these serious health problems. Stop in for your initial consultation. Tell us any medication, you are currently taking along with your medical history. We will determine if you are a good candidate for this amazing nose plastic surgery. Our top rhinoplasty surgeons will help you minimize bleeding, swelling and infections during recovery. Rhinoplasty before and after can transform your life. But, carefully consider the medical risks before you decide, if this is what you want.

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