5 Myths About Nose Plastic Surgery

/5 Myths About Nose Plastic Surgery

5 Myths About Nose Plastic Surgery

Before undergoing a rhinoplasty surgery, patients should be well informed about the procedure. That means understanding that several persistent myths about nose jobs simply aren’t true. Here are 5 myths about nose plastic surgery, and the reasons they deserve to be debunked.

Nose Plastic Surgery Is Painful

Nose Plastic Surgery doesn’t hurt as much as most people believe. During the procedure, anesthetic is used to prevent pain. Afterwards, patients do feel discomfort due to swelling and their nose cast, but this sensation is relatively mild. Many people compare the healing process to the experience of having a bad cold. After a few weeks, the swelling mostly dissipates, and patients can enjoy their new nose free of discomfort.

Surgeons Can Alter Noses to Any Size or Shape

While talented surgeons can transform noses, they can’t tailor them to the patient’s every specification. Rhinoplasty does have limitations. Surgeons may not be able to make a nose as small as desired, as removing too much cartilage can undermine the structural integrity of the nose. It’s also hard for surgeons to replicate specific noses. Many patients admire celebrity noses, but their favorite noses may not complement their facial structure.

Any Surgeon Can Do It

Nose Plastic Surgery in Miami is one of the most difficult plastic surgery procedures, and good results require a rhinoplasty specialist. Surgeons who primarily perform rhinoplasties understand the complexities of this procedure, and they’re knowledgeable about the latest techniques and innovations. When a few millimeters can make all the difference, don’t put your trust in a surgeon who isn’t fully qualified.

Nose Jobs Are Too Obvious

Bad nose jobs can be obvious. A pinched, up-turned tip is a telltale sign of a mediocre surgery. Most results are quite natural, however. Instead of drawing the eye to an unnatural nose, they simply highlight the other facial features. Patients shouldn’t be afraid of an over obvious nose job, especially if they tell their surgeon they prefer natural results.

Too Much Downtime

The rhinoplasty healing process isn’t actually that lengthy. People with busy schedules don’t have to worry about taking a month off work; many patients are back at the office after a week. Approximately 80% of the swelling dissipates after the first month, and then patients can return to all of their normal activities, ranging from exercise to indulging in their favorite foods.

When you want a natural-looking rhinoplasty in Miami, we can help. Contact us soon to schedule a consultation.

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