Your Pre-rhinoplasty Surgery Checklist

/Your Pre-rhinoplasty Surgery Checklist

Your Pre-rhinoplasty Surgery Checklist

To make sure your post-rhinoplasty recovery goes smoothly, preparation is essential. By completing all of the items on this pre-rhinoplasty checklist, you’ll ensure a stress-free rhinoplasty surgery and post-op period.

Prepare All Necessary Documents for Rhinoplasty Surgery in Miami

Before nose plastic surgery can take place, many surgeons ask patients to sign consent forms, finalize payment, undergo a physical, and complete lab tests. The lab tests generally require patients to get their blood drawn, and they determine whether patients are sufficiently healthy for surgery. People should schedule these appointments in accordance with their surgeon’s desired timeline.

Stop Taking Medications

There are certain medications that you should stop taking two weeks prior to a rhinoplasty surgery. This includes blood thinning medications like aspirin, and anti-inflammatory medications like Ibuprofen. When patients don’t stop taking these medications, they bleed more during and after surgery. People undergoing surgery should talk to their surgeon about what medications they can and cannot take.

Prescribed Medications and Supplements

Many surgeons prescribe pain medications to help alleviate any post-op pain. They may also recommend supplements that reduce swelling, like bromelain. Patients should purchase their pain prescriptions and supplements before undergoing surgery.

Take Time Off

Most rhinoplasty patients take a week off after the procedure is performed. After a week, the nose cast is taken off and most people feel comfortable returning to their normal schedule. People should plan ahead and take time off school or work before undergoing the procedure.

A Ride Home

After the rhinoplasty surgery, patients are not allowed to drive themselves home. Before surgery day, patients need to find someone who can drive them to and from the surgery location and provide assistance post-procedure. Rhinoplasty patients shouldn’t be left alone for the first 24-hours after surgery.

Meal Plans

For the week following the procedure, patients need to abide to certain dietary restrictions. Most surgeons ask that patients lower their sodium intake, as salt can increase swelling. They may also ask that patients avoid certain carbohydrates, alcohol, and more. People should buy appropriate post-op foods before the surgery. Rhinoplasty surgeons in Miami may also give healthy food and beverage suggestions. Fresh pineapple juice, for example, contains bromelain, which reduces swelling.

Relax after your Rhinoplasty Surgery

Before surgery, it’s important to relax. Patients should look at their computer simulated rhinoplasty before and after pictures one last time, take a deep breath, and try not to fixate on their upcoming surgery. These procedures are safe and effective. Ditch the pre-op anxiety, and try to get excited about your upcoming procedure!

For a successful rhinoplasty surgery, choose one of the top rhinoplasty surgeons for rhinoplasty in Miami. Call us soon to set up a consultation!

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