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Male Rhinoplasty in Miami

Male Rhinoplasty - Dr. Carlos L. Wolf

“The nose knows”, “his nose in the air”, and “right under his nose”. All these idioms prove how front and center one’s nose is. If your nose is a feature you would prefer to avoid talking about – whether it is a real “boxer’s nose” or whether its misalignment prevents you from breathing properly – rhinoplasty for men may be what you need.

Broken Nose Surgery and Rhinoplasty for Men

Were you one of those boys who fell off your bike and onto your nose? Got tackled playing sport and your nose took the brunt of the accident? This external trauma may have resulted in a broken nose. After the initial swelling, bruising, black eye, nosebleeds, pain and tenderness, your nose may be left crooked and deformed, and you may have trouble breathing. You will need to realign your nose.

Male Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty surgeries are performed to correct a previous nose surgery or to repair an injury. Probably the most essential element of revision rhinoplasty for men is open communication with your surgeon. While our goal is to meet the expectations of our clients, they do need to be realistic.

Rhinoplasty for Men: Before and After Photos

Whether you are considering plastic surgery for cosmetic or functional reasons, you want to be sure that the result will be worth it. We have put together a gallery of before and after photos of rhinoplasty for men procedures that represent a cross-section of patients of varying age, nasal shape, and ethnic background.

About Dr. Wolf and Why Dr. Wolf for Male Rhinoplasty in Miami

If you are considering male rhinoplasty, Miami Plastic Surgery is a wise choice. A highly-regarded male rhinoplasty specialist and leader in his field with over 20 years’ experience, Dr. Carlos Wolf takes care that factors such as the tip shape, nostril size, and bridge width of your nose are all in harmony.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The total cost of rhinoplasty usually averages between $5,000 and $10,000. Financing options are also available and can be discussed during your initial consultation.
There is no ideal age for rhinoplasty, but it should only be done once your nasal septum has developed fully during facial growth. In males, this may be a little later than females but generally after the age of 17 or 18. This permits proper growth of the midface and nasal structures.
While everyone heals differently, discomfort after your rhinoplasty will be controlled with pain medication. The splint and stitches are normally removed after six to seven days. Yes, you will have bruising and swelling, but you should be able to return to work after a week. Be careful to avoid strenuous activities for three weeks, and no bumping your nose or getting it sunburnt for eight weeks.
Each patient is different, but some of the most common reasons our male patients give for wanting rhinoplasty include:

  • Wanting a better-looking nose – be it more centered, smaller, less bulbous, narrower, or wider.
  • Creating a better profile.
  • Removing the annoyance they experience with their noses.
  • Wanting to change the appearance their nose, but not look like a totally different person. This leads to increased confidence and a self-esteem boost.
  • Repairing an old injury, which often entails breathing problems.
The stigma of plastic surgery no longer exists. The sexist days of assuming that rhinoplasty was the exclusive domain of women, actors, or models are over. Men who care about how they look are more open to plastic surgery. With so much societal emphasis on looks, fixing an ugly nose is no longer taboo.

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