How to Care for Your Skin After Rhinoplasty Surgery

/How to Care for Your Skin After Rhinoplasty Surgery

How to Care for Your Skin After Rhinoplasty Surgery

After a nose job, your skin is likely to be very tender and might be a little red. You will want to make sure to give it extra attention so that the nose job looks its best. Here is how to care for your skin after rhinoplasty surgery in Miami.

After Your Rhinoplasty Surgery

The top rhinoplasty surgeons rhinoplasty Miami will do their best to create a beautiful new nose for you. After rhinoplasty in Miami, you are likely to see redness, swelling and tightening. Stitches will be used to help your body heal. After surgery, your skin might be overly dry. A key concern is to prevent infections. Therefore, when you are taking care of your skin, you might need to use special cleaning and moisturizing products – think baby wipes and baby oil. These are made without additives to minimize infections. They work better on sensitive skin. Try to dab dirt away from incisions to avoid ripping the sutures. The problem with some cleansers is that they dry out your skin, so make sure to re-moisturize.

Facial Skin Care

Your duty is to allow for the incisions to heal properly. There will be a couple of phases, including before and after the stitches are removed. Before the stitches are removed, you must concentrate on avoiding infections. Afterwards, concentrate on re-moisturizing the tender incision area. If you go outside, you should use sunscreen and a scarf to protect against sun, wind or weather extremities. Rhinoplasty surgery recovery takes time. You might need to avoid makeup for a couple of weeks. That is why many suggest you get a makeover before the procedure. During your post-op check ups, we will monitor your progress.

Rhinoplasty Surgery Recovery Time

Rhinoplasty surgery recovery is a gradual process that takes time. Always be aware of the incision area and give it special attention. When you moisturize properly, you increase your healing and recovery. You will start to see progress eventually. Look forward to the moment when your new nose is completely healed and looking great. That is when you have the fulfillment of rhinoplasty before and after photographs. Our top rhinoplasty surgeons will use their mastery to create a wonderful nose. We can prescribe pain medication to help you cope. Schedule a consultation to get started. We take a great deal of pride in our beauty treatments and taking great care of you during recovery.

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