Getting Rhinoplasty When You’re an Athlete: What You Need to Know

/Getting Rhinoplasty When You’re an Athlete: What You Need to Know

Getting Rhinoplasty When You’re an Athlete: What You Need to Know

Nose or sinus surgery is a common medical procedure that many individuals choose for a variety of reasons. Many people opt for rhinoplasty surgery for cosmetic reasons, while others choose the surgery for medical reasons. One particular group of people who choose to have a Miami rhinoplasty surgical procedure is athletes. Sometimes nose surgery is chosen because it could potentially give them a physical advantage regarding oxygen intake while competing, but the truth is most times the reason is because of injury. It is important for all athletes to understand the implications and consequences along with why there should be thorough evaluation before making the final decision. Repairs can be conducted when the problems are not necessarily corrected, but the result can surely be problematic when the wrong Miami rhinoplasty specialist surgeon is chosen.

Immediate Follow Up Appointments After Miami Rhinoplasty

Most patients will see their surgeon several times in the days immediately following the operation. There are almost always stitches both internally and externally, but most are on the inside. These first wound inspections are vital to detecting potential infection and are nothing unusual. Activity during this first week or so should also be limited even though oxygen intake may return immediately to sufficient levels. This should be apparent immediately and any problems will need addressing from your rhinoplasty specialist, but quick improvement is common.

Process of Rhinoplasty Recovery

As soreness subsides the patient should be able to function normally in a relatively short time frame. The major issue for athletes in rhinoplasty recovery is easily the amount of energy they experience while the surgery is healing. This should be a gradual increase, so do not be alarmed when the energy level does not return to maximum output immediately following the rhinoplasty surgery. Swelling will assuredly be present immediately following the process and may take a considerable amount of time to recede. This is normal also. However, persistent long-term swelling may indicate an internal problem that will require evaluation from your rhinoplasty specialist.

Contact Rhinoplasty Miami Specialist Carlos Wolf MD

Any athlete in the South Florida area should contact Dr. Carlos Wolf for a consultation concerning their need for nose or sinus treatment repair. Many times a sinus treatment can produce amazing results for athletes wanting a competitive advantage or wanting to perform at their highest level. And, those absolutely needing a surgical repair can also rest assured that Dr. Wolf is the right medical professional for the surgical procedure.

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