Is There a Difference Between Female and Male Rhinoplasty?

/Is There a Difference Between Female and Male Rhinoplasty?

Is There a Difference Between Female and Male Rhinoplasty?

Men and women are very different, are their nose procedures different too? What are males and females trying to achieve with nose surgery? Is there much of a difference between female and male rhinoplasty in Miami?

Male Rhinoplasty Noses

Men like dogs, women like cats. Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, right? Even psychologists have documented that men and women process information in their brains differently. Therefore, it should be no surprise that male rhinoplasty will be slightly different than female rhinoplasty. Both genders want to improve form and function with their nose jobs. But, male skin and noses tend to be larger. This is the first difference. Male rhinoplasty noses might be crooked due to being broken. They might focus more on reduction or straightening. Men have thicker skin, which is tougher to cut. It also requires more careful recovery to prevent complications from bleeding. We can also use a man’s beard to hide the incision scars. Men prefer a bold, straight nose that commands authority.

Female Noses

Girls are “sugar and spice and everything nice.” The advantage of female skin is that it is thinner and more pliable. This makes it easier for us to achieve exactly what we want during rhinoplasty. We could look at a variety of celebrity pictures and try to mirror the looks with female nose jobs. Of course, women’s beauty is still a very important cultural focus. Women are more likely to engage in revision rhinoplasty. Women are very expressive – they might want revision rhinoplasty to help them express their emotions with their facial features. They also might have found a better cosmetic surgeon, who can give them results that are more close to what they wanted to get with revision rhinoplasty.

Impressive Results Male Rhinoplasty Miami

Whether men or women want nose jobs, we can achieve impressive results. We want to achieve the most natural-looking nose for you. You can use rhinoplasty to fix an old broken nose. It might not have set right. You can also deal with life changes or old age with a new nose. We can contour, shape and improve your nasal features. We want to answer all of your questions, so give us a call. You can contact us to schedule a male rhinoplasty Miami consultation. During your visit, when we can show you photographs and view your nose to provide you with better advice.

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