Signs You Can Benefit from Revision Rhinoplasty

/Signs You Can Benefit from Revision Rhinoplasty

Signs You Can Benefit from Revision Rhinoplasty

There are certain situations where someone would benefit from undergoing a revision rhinoplasty procedure. This is generally helpful if a person has had a previous rhinoplasty but is still having some breathing issues or just needs to reshape the nasal cartilage into a more desirable condition. While individuals of both sexes often choose to get a nose job, male rhinoplasty is more common. Any injury involving the nose can lead to further problems like breathing difficulty even after the site heals.

How Does Someone Decide if They Should Get a Nose Job?

People decide on getting a nose surgery for various reasons. This cosmetic surgery can also correct breathing difficulties that may arise if a broken nose healed leading to obstructed nasal breathing. Individuals that have inherited their ancestors bigger noses often just want a nose that is less prominent. Others seek this surgery to correct broken nose structures and to improve their overall breathing. Sometimes, an injury to the nose can heal leaving an unsightly bump on the nose. When considering this surgery, ensure that the plastic surgeon that is chosen understands what is desired.

The Importance of Having Realistic Expectations Before a Revision Rhinoplasty

Plastic surgery is really an art form of sorts. While an individual may want to look like their favorite celebrity, this can be unrealistic in many cases. A qualified plastic surgeon will always provide their patients with realistic expectations of their work. This typically involves talking to each patient to determine their post surgical expectations. To show the prospective patient realistic surgical expectations, most top plastic surgeons will allow their patients to look at rhinoplasty before and after pictures.

The choice in plastic surgeons to perform a desired rhinoplasty operation really does make a difference. Area residents have long trusted the impressive plastic surgery services available at Miami Plastic Surgery. Here, every patient meets for one-on-one consultations with their intended surgeon. This consultation helps to increase the chances of each patient in getting realistic results that will look good following a nose surgery. Individuals that think that cosmetic surgery is just for women are misinformed. Many men undergo male rhinoplasty surgeries every year. Check out our easy-to-navigate revision rhinoplasty website for rhinoplasty before and after photographs and a detailed description of our many cosmetic procedures. Phone 305-595-2969 to book your own consultation today.

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