Ask a Rhinoplasty Specialist: Rhinoplasty and Rhinophyma

/Ask a Rhinoplasty Specialist: Rhinoplasty and Rhinophyma

Ask a Rhinoplasty Specialist: Rhinoplasty and Rhinophyma

Individuals that are unhappy with the shape or appearance of their nose should speak with a qualified rhinoplasty specialist to discuss surgical solutions. A trained plastic surgeon that has the advanced expertise to perform rhinoplasty surgery can reshape the nasal cartilage into a more aesthetically pleasing shape and appearance. People that have been in an accident that caused facial and nose trauma are often left with a crooked nose that embarrasses them.

Genetics or Natural

Other individuals simply have larger noses due to genetics. If a nose has been previously broken, the person might even have some breathing difficulties along with the unappealing nose form. Many individuals are electing to get a rhinoplasty by a Miami rhinoplasty specialist proficient in this type of plastic surgery. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia at an outpatient plastic surgery center adjacent to a main hospital. Most patients are able to go home the day of the surgery. This surgical procedure is fantastic for getting a nose that is more proportionate to the face. The surgeon can also fix any obstructions that cause nasal breathing problems for the patient.

Skin Conditions

Some patients present with a reddened bulbous nose that progressively becomes more pronounced as the person ages. This skin condition has been linked to a severe form of rosacea that affects the end of the nose. This undesired condition can be treated with laser skin resurfacing procedures or other skin treatment in many cases. If this condition is too advanced, the patient might be a good candidate for rhinoplasty surgery to reduce the affected enlarged portions of the nose. This more severe form of a rather common skin malady is often accompanied by rosy cheeks as well. A plastic surgeon can evaluate the patient to assess whether a nose plastic surgery is indicated.

Plastic Surgery Practice Rhinoplasty Specialist

There is an outstanding plastic surgery practice that offers effective and safe rhinoplasty at a Miami plastic surgery center that has a fantastic community reputation. Patients that undergo this procedure can expect some initial bruising and swelling after the surgery that subsides in a few days to a week. Otherwise, patients are instructed to avoid strenuous activity for around 6 weeks following their rhinoplasty surgery. Patients are able to resume most other normal activities like work in approximately a week to two weeks. Anyone interested in learning more about nose plastic surgery should visit our rhinoplasty specialist online for details.

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