Inside Septal Perforation – Top Miami Rhinoplasty Surgeon

/Inside Septal Perforation – Top Miami Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Inside Septal Perforation – Top Miami Rhinoplasty Surgeon

“What causes a “Septal Perforation” (aka Deviated Septum)? Here is your Inside Septal Perforation Guide from a Top Miami Rhinoplasty Surgeon. Learn how to fix this problem.

Miami Rhinoplasty Surgeon: What Causes a Septal Perforation

The normal nose consists of a section of cartilage, separating the right and left nostril. When you inhale or exhale, the air pressure allows you to control your rate of breathing. With a septal perforation, you might lose some control over your breathing. The cartilage allows you to control your breathing and get plenty of air. There are a number of reasons for having a septal perforation, including a birth defect, piercings, drug use or an accident. Wegner’s Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis is one of the conditions which could lead to a septal perforation. A Miami rhinoplasty surgeon can examine your nasal passage to determine the extent of your condition. Nose plastic surgery can be of assistance.

Miami Rhinoplasty Surgeon: What Are Septal Perforation Symptoms

Some people pierce their noses intentionally to put a ring in it. Therefore, a small incision might not be a big deal. This nose piercing area will eventually heal. With a septal perforation, the space remains open and raw. You might hear a “whistling sound” every time you inhale or exhale. This might be unpleasant for those around you. A deviated septum might make you unpopular, through no fault of your own. There might be some bloody discharges, crusting and dryness, which could lead to discomfort and difficulty breathing. You also might experience fatigue, depression or insomnia. The closer the perforation is to the nostrils, the more likely it is to cause symptoms. If you are experiencing these symptoms, then you might want to talk with a nose plastic surgery Miami specialist. Rhinoplasty Miami might permanently alleviate your discomfort and nasal problems.

Miami Rhinoplasty Surgeon: Can You Live With a Septal Perforation

Some people can live a long fruitful life with a septal perforation. However, there is a danger of infection when you have a hole in your nose cartilage. You might have an open, irritated raw portion of your nose, which needs to be continually treated. You might need to use a cotton applicator to prevent the area from cracking, bleeding or drying out. Over time, this temporary treatment might become tiresome. If you want to improve your condition, you might want to consider a septoplasty. A small percentage of patients require septo-rhinoplasty surgery to improve their noses. Contact your rhinoplasty surgeon specialist for the best results. Rhinoplasty Miami can help you regain your good health.

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