What breathing and aesthetic issues can rhinoplasty fix?

/What breathing and aesthetic issues can rhinoplasty fix?

What breathing and aesthetic issues can rhinoplasty fix?

A rhinoplasty, or a septo-rhinoplasty, is one of the ways to correct breathing issues, but you can also benefit from the aesthetic element of getting rhinoplasty surgery.

Breathing is a task that is supposed to come naturally. However, for some people, problems with their nose prevent them from taking in and expelling air properly. A septo-rhinoplasty is one of the ways to correct breathing issues, and individuals should consider the benefits of doing so.

Some people choose to get aesthetic surgery to repair the way that they look. They are unhappy with the appearance of their nose, and they want to make it smaller or fix a part that is crooked. This process is different from functional rhinoplasty. Unlike aesthetic surgery, some people need to get a functional rhinoplasty. For them to breathe properly, certain issues must be addressed with their noses. A variety of problems can lead people to need functional rhinoplasty.

Possible Causes

Some individuals are born with deviated septums, which means that one or more of the passageways for air is blocked. Others have enlarged membranes in their noses that prevent the proper flow of air. These issues can all lead people to breathe improperly. For some, the issue may be relatively small, and they may only notice if they are sick or are having an allergic reaction to something.

Permanent Solution

You may say that you have one of these issues, but that you also have a method of dealing with it on a daily basis. However, imagine what your life would be like if you could just breathe normally all of the time. Instead of constantly feeling as though you are struggling to take air in through your nose, you can just live freely. Perhaps you will be able to engage in activities that you couldn’t before. For example, some people with major breathing issues cannot play sports or participate in certain exercises. When your nose is corrected, the door to these opportunities is opened.

Not only do you have the chance to breathe freely and without hassle, but you can also benefit from the aesthetic element of getting a rhinoplasty. At Miami Plastic Surgery, Dr. Carlos Wolf can help you breathe easier with rhinoplasty.

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